Incepi Framebuilding Tools

Established in 2014, Incepi produces framebuilding tools. The small company currently offers jigs for attaching disc brake mounts to frames and forks. Fixtures are available for ISO, Post Mount, and Flat Mount caliper mounts.

Incepi also sells dummy axles for both traditional and newer through axle dropouts. Other products are in development and will be introduced soon.

The main focus is to see the framebuilding community expand and diversify. To support this, the owner, Eric Meinert, tries to make quality tools available at affordable prices. Based in Canada, all tools are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Eric says, “I originally created a set of ISO disc tab fixtures for frames and forks just for personal use. The objective was to upgrade an older mountain bike. They worked as well as I expected and were not excessively expensive to produce.

“I thought that others might want these tools as well, so I decided to offer them for sale. I had always wanted to create a business in the bicycle manufacturing industry, so this seemed like an ideal way to start.

“Not overly ambitious and working in an interesting niche with not much competition,” he continues, “Incepi is Medieval Latin for I begin. It seemed like a perfect name for a venture that I had delayed for too long.”

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