Argon 18 Smart Bike

Can you imagine a bike that has an integrated computer in the head tube that can connect to up to 30 different sensors and can calculate how aerodynamic you are with a built-in wind sensor? That’s exactly what the new Argon 18 Smart Bike is being built to do. It’s being toted as the ‘biggest breakthrough at Eurobike‘ – with prototypes on display in both a road and a time trial/triathlon bike.



Most of the metrics that it measures are related to aerodynamics. The most innovative feature is the integration of a sensor on the front of the head tube, which calculates how aerodynamic you are. This can be measured against sensors you can wear on your body, which then gives real-time data (and post-ride data) to measure the aerodynamics of your body position. From this you can see how different body positions affect your overall aerodynamic drag and power output on the bike. What this means is that it essentially gives you aero data that people currently only get in wind tunnels – on every ride.

There will also be sensors in the saddle measuring pressure and a sensor measuring the lean of the bike as you’re riding. All the sensors will be able to connect via Bluetooth, ANT + and Wifi – so if you love your current cycling computer – it’s great news.

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