OneTap App


Nomophobia is the term coined for a fear of being out of mobile phone contact. OneTap is a free app that uses GPS to detect when a person is in a car and manages calls, texts and alerts that could be a distraction while driving. “Four out of five people will not leave their house without their phone. They will literally stop where they are, go back into their house to go and get their phone and bring it back into their sphere of influence,” said Ted Hellard, founder of AppColony, a Calgary-based technology company. OneTap has an auto-reply function that replies to calls and texts immediately to let senders know an individual is driving and when the trip is expected to end. The app kicks in when the GPS detects the phone is moving in a car, but has an option that allows passengers to still send and receive. If a caller texts that a matter is urgent, the app alerts the driver to pull over to accept a phone call.

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