Rues “Have a nice day” Skateboard

todd falkowskty rues skateboard

This skateboard deck took a number of innovative firsts to the marketplace. It was the first to mix laminates in its construction, employing a custom layered mix of materials (bamboo, maple and carbon fiber) which translated into a longer lasting and stronger deck with more pop and controlled flex. The deck was constructed using a new UHF adhesive which dried instantly when sound is broadcast through the mould, this gluing technique reduced the drying time (speeding up production) and eliminated warping (a fault created by wet glues, which dry from the outside in). Another first was that the bottom graphics were a vinyl sheet, this super tough layer prevented the truck bolts from pulling through the board, it gave the bottom a slippery waxed surface, and the graphics lasted longer and avoided the need for silk screening during production.

Adding to the exclusive nature of the entire Rues Skateboarden line up, these limited edition decks where produced in small batches, with only three decks being created in each mold, this kept the final shape consistent and razor sharp (most manufacturers fill the moulds with up to ten decks, with reduces the precision of the mould). All this innovation and limited edition (500 pieces) status came with a steep price, the decks were the most expensive on the market, almost twice the price of a standard hard rock maple deck.

Beyond all the innovations in the board design, the simple graphics also marked a distinct turning point for skateboard aesthetics. Instead of the typical tough, jack-ass and heavy metal inspired designs, the “Have a nice day” slogan provided a positive message to appear on city streets, delivered by an unusual and unexpected source, the skateboarder.


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