Year  2020

Neal Brothers Lager Non-Alcoholic Beer Light
The More You O
One Hundred Thousand
Coors Light Chill Starters
Spread out. Save Lives.
Steady Chair
Haslinger Fighter Pocket Knife
Kron Chronos 1.4
Rest in peace #KirkDouglas
Navy and White Nesting Bowls
Pastel Scribble Vases
Hand Carved / Wheel Thrown Vases
Real Time Control Building #3 – Edmonton
Colourful Leaf Necklace
Layered Tumblers in Primary Colours
Kamik Boots
Striped Glass Vessels
Animal Whistles
Saffron Fade Summa Vase
Multicolour Planters
Deep 6
Schitt’s Creek Tree Decorations
Purolator Holiday Boxes
Rose Gold Circles Ring
Rogan Vessels
Alison Milne Pouf
Burst Serving Bowls
Joy Tote Mini
Canopic Jars
Canada Goose Feet Basket
Pîsimoyâpiy – Namoya Earrings
“Letterspace” K
National Book Festival Poster
Ltd Edition Terry Fox Ultraboost DNA
Everyday Sweatshirt
Violet Cow Print Coat
Grandmother Moon Mini Quilt
Drum Stools
Pajar Alissa Short Boots
Pajar Clara Boots w/Ice Grippers