Year  2018

MEC House Cycling Brand
Hat Trick Wine
Luna Pitcher Set
Honesty Is the Best… Parking Lot Art
Inheritance Collection
The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts
Box Top
Seal Jacket
Lesley Hampton Top
The Bravest Coat
I AM THE LIQUOR Bottle Opener
Trailer Park Boys Pipes
Cervelo Beam Bicycle
Beeswing Honey Co
Women’s March Bra
Ovillanta Mosquito Trap
Soft Shells: Portrait Series
World Record Tall Bike
Scrolling Weathervane
Heart of Glass Mural
Pierrot Single Speed Bike
Sakahàn Exhibition
Carsen Höller Exhibition
Side Table (cardboard)
Collection O
Ian Bennett Architecture
Honey of the Messestadt
For Cuoco
Superfit Hero Leggings
Wiki Wiki Poke Restaurant
Pendleton Blanket
Tepkik Installation
Simon Rakoff Inaction Figure
Boombox Bead Pendant
Westin Church Air Sickness Bag
360 Degree Montreal Book
Ware Lamp
Chris Cran, Sincerely Yours
Canadian Karaoke
Wandering Planter