Year  2016

Stanley Cup Necklace
Hillary Clinton Doll
Thin Line Desk
Mila’muksijik Kawiik (Coloured Quills)
Kimono Targets
HBC Tube
HBC Puffer Jacket
Washington State Ferries Re-Brand
Non-Stop Annual Report 2014-2016
Time In Time
Angel Painting
Globe and Mail Cutline Poster
America’s collapse
Balzac’s Roasters Coffee
C’est Ça Cosmetics
LG Mv1 Mini Bicycle
CCM Path Racer Bicycle
SU stools for Emeco
Lion Bicycle Chain Guard
Lego CN Tower
Luuup Litterbox
The Green Wood Restaurant
Pioneer 111 Custom Bagger Motorcycle
Granite MTB Shoes
WWF Canada We Are All Wildlife
Guinness Packaging
High Heels: The Good and Bad
McDonald’s Happy Moving Day
Expedition Parka
Canada Goose Heritage Jackets
Radio-Canada Typeface
It Came From Canada
Jaguar Canada Ad
Meister Racing Bicycle
Large Stoneware Platter
Aeroplay do-it-yourself Kites
Sweep Dining Table
Garmentory Identity
La Roue du Roy Brochure