Year  2012

Sport BC Typeface
Lake Light Threshold
The Canadian Bond
1888 Whippet Bicycle Replica
Holt Renfrew + Missoni Bear and Elephant
Peep Cubby
Holt Renfrew + Missoni Bear
Giniigaaniimenaaning (Looking Ahead) Glass Window
Pipeline 125 Light
Flit Chair
Emptyful Sculpture – Winnipeg MB
Formulation Articulation Pixelation 2
Trudeau Melamine Mixing Bowls
Noriko Masuda Platter
Bruxe Roller Bag
Self Promotional Print Campaign
Now For Plan A Album Art
25th Images Festival Brand Identity
Sutherland Models Guides
Now serving Nova Scotia Tartan Box
Don’t Waste Your Time
Marshmallow Wall
Icosaèdre Tronqué
PFFF Short
Playstation Sofa
Winnipeg Intl Jazz Festival Posters
Dragonette Bodyparts Album Art
Exposition D’Affiches Publicite Sauvage Poster
Western Front Events Calendars
+ HBC Canoe
Spice Works Holiday Gift Boxes
Luggage Barcode Sunset No.4 Scarf
Umbra Buddy Squeegee
Grimes ‘Vision’ Album Art
Zframe Chair
Hunt Windsor Chair
Tilley Endurables T7MO Hat