Year  2010

The Elements Wine Label
Stripes Leaves Bowl
Birch Pitchers
3 Sided Vase
Five Ghost Album Boxset
Cleft Chin
Meta Trials Bicycle
Aquila Titane Bicycle
Vancouver Heritage Foundation Logo
VIA Souvenir Shirt
Skull Skates Custom Bike
Cervelo Cycling Jersey
Motorcycle Hearse
Sword of my Mouth Book
DIY Trike
General Mills Olympic Postcard
Ce qui s’embrasse est confus Franz Schürch Book Cover
Guru Ltd Ed Praemio R Custom Ti Bike Frame
La Chaise
Lisa Kehler Art + Projects Logo
Differences of Lines and Rectangles
The CBofC Logo
Abstraction Composition 1 and 2
Larrivee RS-2 Guitar
Tea Towels
‘An empty belly is the best cook’
Mi’kmaq Artifact Shoes
Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec Ads
Groovefucker Eight
World’s First Human-Powered Ornithopter
Winnipeg Intl Jazz Festival Posters
Canadian Paralympics Ad
Shaman Guarded by Wolves
Bev Hisey Triangle Carpets
Vancouver 2010 Posters
Cervelo P3 Track Bike
Owl with Rainbow Basket
Flying Geese Pattern Basket
Hockey Stick Dining Chair