Year  2009

Leaning Vessel
‘R2D2 Learns to Dance’ Vase
Stak6 Shelving Collection
Monolith Custom Drum Kit
DJ Ever Logo
Emerald Dining Table
‘Tentar la Suerte’ Bike
Kozlik’s Mustard
Florian Vorreiter Experimental Guitar
Lush ‘WonderLand’ Magazine
Montréal Canadiens “Barber Pole” Uniforms
Hershel Sealtech Lawson Backpack
Barerock Cabin – Haliburton, Ontario
Umarmung Floor Sitting Couch
Sarah Lawless Vessel
Ply Lamps
konzuk Ring
Arctic Ravens Blanket
Jacqueline Klassen White Splat Mugs
Sico ‘Changing Lives, One Coat at a Time’ Packaging
Mitchell’s Gourmet Foods Executive Suite
Fruits and Passion Cucina Soap
Chive Ceramic Tube Flower Vase
Planar Chair
“Harper’s India overture” Political Cartoon
Straight Flush – Toronto, Ontario
Algonquin Canoe Ice Cream
Tabouret Andy
Crush Inc. Logo
Raymond Biesinger
Dr Melissa Carr Accupuncturist Business Carrd
Kiosk Showroom – Toronto, Ontario
Will follow Illustration
Gerrit Noordzij Prize Exhibition Catalogue
‘Our potatoes are grown closer than you think’ Outdoor Ad
Hop, Hip, Dog, Dig Fonts
Peter Gudrunus Vases
We The People