Year  2003

Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix Programme 2003
Larrivee Koa Special Edition Parlor Guitar
Simon Brascoupe Untitled
World Cup of Hockey Trophy
Keilhauer Also Chair Family
Mosewich House – Kamloops, British Columbia
Four Candlesticks
Missing Moose Misprint Stamp
Buddington Bear Rug
Coat Hang
Sans titre (Pointe-au-Pic)
Plains People Sacred Symbols Stained Glass
Battle of Los Angeles
One of These Things / Commas (Blue x 4)
Water Safety Throw
Ravi Wine Chillers & Decanters
Paper Softwall
Double Tête de Matisse Vase
Hit and Run Album Art
X10 Chair
Toronto Dance Theatre Logo
Marquis Winter Wheat 100th Anniversary Coin
“Reconstruction Site” Album Art
Battle of the Nudes Album Art
Spirit of Canada Race Boat
MultiCam Multi-Environment Camouflage
Lhasa The Living Road Album Art
Lacrosse Bench
Spine Chair
Log Bowls
Paperclip Chandelier
Millennial Time Machine – Vancouver, British Columbia
Desjardins Logo
Le Design Au Québec Book
The Jack Pine Remembered Installation
“Remember” Children’s T-Shirts
Anti Social Skate Shop Logo