Year  2002

‘Ravens’ Chorus’
Vase Shape
Pottery Vase
Pavan Racing Bicycle
Warhol Gift Wrap
Glass Chair No. 1 and Glass Chair No. 2
Bob Dylan Poster
Haida Raven’s Tail and Red Cedar Bark Clamming Basket
Arctic Owl Blanket
Honey I’m Home Chaise
Andrew Murray Roofing Business Card
Canadian Doors Logo
James Rocker
Retour du Soleil
Deadmau5 Logo
BSS You Forgot It Album Art
Diamond Moth Trap
Star Wars Kid
Ugli Side Table
Offsetters Business Card
FITC Award
Oil Business 101
A3 furniture system
Index Four Bookcase
I Stand for Canada Book
Fish with Ripples
Sleeper Sofa
Submerged Spirits
Gridloc Table
Kari, Ari, Arim, and Rim Candelabra and Budvase Collection
Aids Is Still Around Poster
Tobias Wong Business Card
The Attic Project Mural – Saskatchewan
The Dears Protest Album Art
Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research – Toronto, Ontario
O Wine Rack
Gentle Swastika Cover
CHP 100 Conical Hand Protector