Year  2000

NoMeansNo One Album Art
Surviving Saskatoon
DIY Tandem Bike
Mariposa Bicycle
Albino Raven
Haida Hip Poster
Southlake Regional Health Centre Logo
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven Album Art
Mel Lastman Chair
Six Shooter Records Logo
Le Dépôt de Peinture
Spun Wood Bowl
Bench for a Tree
The New Yorker Chair
LCBO Quarter Century Club Award
Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station – Nunavut
Wedding Dress
Beaded Card Suits Moccasins
Mailbox 2.0
Phonic Slices
Sports Night in Canada
Enameled Pennies
Glenn Gould Bench
IKEA Meatball Necklace
Chanel No.5
New York City “Times Square” Manhole Cover
Colville Milestones Jalons Poster
La Rentrée Poster
Steam Whistle Beer Bottle
Raven’s Tail Medicine Bag
Ineke Ashtray
Richmondhill Baptist Church Logo
Money Pad
City of Ottawa Logo
Steam Whistle “Scarborough Suitcase”
Lucy Task Chair
Green Glass Bowl
Cigarette Warning Labels
Found Type
Prairie Bench