Year  1999

Peter Mackay Logo
Country-rock (wing-mirror)
Man Emerging
Cramerotti Pista Bicycle
“I awoke to find my spirit had returned”
Miele Columbus SL Bicycle
Paulette Neau Candlesticks
Umbra U+ Mesh Can
Canadian Airlines ‘Proud Wings’ Livery
Sid Dickens Wing Tile
George Hunt Jr ‘Butterfly’
keepers of the Fire
Salt and Pepper Packaging
12345 Wallpaper
Formula 1 Guide from Montréal
Nunavut 46¢
Candle Ice Sculpture
Our Northern Heritage Quarter
XII Pan Am Games Logo
Odometer Button
Cross Accent Tables
Grove Blue Vase
Canadian Art – 15th Anniversary
Toronto City Flag
Université Montréal Logo
L.I.M. Shelf
1999 – 2000 Millenium Keepsake 95¢
Unauthorised Burberry Buttons
Bookbinding $1
Coat of arms of Nunavut
Light Volumes
Nokia Phone Covers
Chipping Cups