Year  1989

Cooper Street Hockey Goalie Stick Blade
Pocket Ski
AIDS Wallpaper
William Laskin Guitar
Dairyworld Foods Eggnog
Blue Jays First Game Ticket
Cooper AB14 Hockey Gloves
DG Funk Farm Amplifier
Teapot for Queen X
The Audience Installation
Jesus of Montreal Poster
Charles Sucsan Plates
Paul Anka’s 21 Golden Hits Album Art
TBA Band Poster
Kiss with Honda
Gardin Racing Bicycle
Master Maker Violin
Grand Prix Of Canada Media Pass
Amazing Electric Violin
Mushrooms 38¢ Series
Seabird Island Community School – Agassiz Reserve, British Columbia
Joni Mitchell Poster
Frog Illustration
Steve Bauer Cyclone Bicycle
GM Canada 1989 Brochure
Coach House Press Talking Books Logo
Actra 911 CPR Trainer