Year  1987

Norco Bigfoot Mountain Bike
DR Prototype “The goalie of the year 2025” Equipment
Cambio Rino Racing Bicycle
Rocky Mountain Transpo Bicycle
Norco Townie Bike
John Bergen Striped Vase
Vision TV Logo
Magazine Rack
Doug and the Slugs Poster
Cargo Records Logo
Ontario Place Brochures
Speed Your Word Processing Ad
Men’s Seal Skin Boots
Young Bird Ready To Fly
Ring Gear Monument – Vancouver, British Columbia
Carumba Experimental Edges Chair
CHC Helicopter Logo
Calgary 1988 Olympic Medal
Calgary 1988 Olympic Cauldron
Vanitas: Flesh Dress
The Totem Poles of Totem Park – Vancouver, British Columbia
Steve Bauer Whistler Mountain Bike
Canadian Airlines Logo
SkyDome Logo
Coat of Arms of British Columbia
Canadian Tire Money
Gazelle Chair
Canada Post Box
Newt Suit One Atmosphere System
New Brunswick Highway 8 Sign