Year  1981

Calgary Beer Label
Government of Canada and Youth Booklet
Innuit Katitput
Inuit Artists Print Workbook
Geometric Vase
Kenojuak Ltd Ed. Book
Hardcore 81 Album Art
St. Andrew’s United Church – Toronto ON
Ojibway Porcupine Quill Birch Bark Basket
‘This is the Ice Age’ Album Art
Andre Dube Carved Lamp
Graphic Arts of the Inuit: Kenojuak
SelfHelp Crafts
CN Custom Battery
In Search of Farley Mowat Movie Poster
Nash the Slash ‘Decomposing’ Album Art
Ski Doo Elite
The dawn of a new ice age. Lange Skate Ad
Cyclist and Crow
Champignons Brochure
Festival Bromont Poster
SaskTel Building – Regina, Saskatchewan
The Devil at your Heels
Great Canadian Vodka Ad
Now Magazine Logo
Speed Skiing Helmet
U of T Football Poster
La Vie Continue Poster
San Diego Convention Center
Spring – Vancouver, British Columbia
Great White North Album Art
Seeing Things Intro and Credits
Ontario Place Park Brochure
Yarding and Loading Handbook
The Insects and Arachnids of Canada Book Cover
“Pretty Spectacular” Ontario Print Ad
“Get Lucky” Album Art
Maclean’s Terry Fox Cover