Year  1975

Les Vautours Poster
Swing Paints Prep-Coat
Fantasy Cuff Bracelet
“Canadian grain has a world market”
Vlad Muller Stacking Chair
Studio Pottery Vase
The Derailleur CCM Unofficial Xine
‘Slow down in friendly Manitoba’
Mink Management
West Coast Tea Set
Lyman Fishing Lure #304 Gin and Tonic
The FIT-KIT Exercise Test Album Art
Saskatchewan Roughriders Press Guide
The Provision and Conservation of Housing in Metropolitan Toronto
Tree Leaf Printed Textile
Drahanchuk Vessel
Mustang Bicycles Swag
Wooden Ice Bucket
Baribocraft 9″ Nut Bowl
Lorenzens Candle Holder
CBC Music Library LP
CBC Music Library LP
Hunting Dog Carved Lamp
The National Ballet of Canada Logo
Fish Sticks Packaging
Molson Canadian Beer Can Lighter Souvenir
Carved Bookends
Chalvignac Table Lamps
Lorraine Inuit Dish
Loons II
Shaw Festival Identity and Communications
National Trust Annual Report
Fantasy Circles Copper Tray
Sask. Highway Map Cover
Laurentian Covered Casserole
Laurentian Lava Vase
Torpedo Sled
Carved Stump Toothpick Holder