Year  1969

Pure-Pak, mais oui
New City Hall
Datsun 1000 Brochure
Newfoundland Print Campaign
Cut Loose for New Brunswick
Join the Johnson Look-In Brochure
Parc De La Verendrye Brochure
Wink Soda Volkswagen Ad
The Canada Council 13th Annual Report
Summary of the Ontario Fishing Regulations Booklet
HBC Embroidered Point Blanket Parka
Shell Canada Maps
Tagus Guitar Amplifier
Coleman 510A Heater
Flower Power Fabric
L&M Designs ‘Canada North’ Dish
ETVO (Now TVOntario) Poster
Think Snow Ad
Distant Early Warning Cards
Bill Bantey Associates Logo
Awards for Residential Design Annual
Canadian Waters Camping Sales Catalog
Preston Canada School/Office Chair
Brien Chair
Jusqu’au coeur (Straight to the Heart) Poster
de Passillé Sylvestre Necklace
Louise & Adolf Schwenk Bowl
CCC Vase
Jan & Helga Grove Tear Drop Vase
De Passille -Sylvestre Enamel Dish
Tessa Kidick Vase
Pine Pottery Acorn Vase
Beauceware Candle Holder Lantern
Harlander Figural Candelabra
Old Fort York Post Card
Charles Sucsan Ceramic Ashtray
Luke Lindoe Bowl
Beauceware #1 Vase
Beauceware Canoe Dish
DIY Salt and Pepper Shakers