Year  1962

Michel Soucy Vase
Maclean’s Magazine Dec 1962
Lions Bombers Program
Farley Mowat Owls in the Family Cover
Ice Cod Bell or Stone Illustration
WHIZ Motor Oil Tin
61 Day Cruise Ad
“Canada…the wonderful world at your desktop” Ad
Break Canada Maclean’s Cover
Regina Central Library – Regina, Saskatchewan
Clairtone Braun T523 Radio
BA Insect Repellent
Alcan Foil Brochures
Le Petit Café Menu
E. Halpern Agency
The Champlain Bridge – Montréal, Québec
Manitoba Saskatchewan Map
My Financial Career
Dominion Motor Oil Tin
Studebaker Canada
Trans-Canada Highway Route Transcanadienne 5¢
“FAB” Tray
Trans-Canada Air Lines Schedule 25th Anniversary
Canada Dry “See No Evil” Ad
Canada Dry Pale Ale Sign
Sussex Ginger Ale Trademarks
De Passillé & Sylvestre Enameled Plates
DA Enameled Plate
Canadian Animal Series II
Ceramic Arts Pot with lid
Alberta Government Logo
CP Air 737 Livery
“Architects of Modern Thought” Book Cover
BC 1962 License Plate
CFL Program
Montréal Metro Logo
Northern Electric Print Ad
Canada Lithographing Co. Logo
CP Corporate Colour Ways
Alouette I Satellite