Year  1961

The Islands
Gridiron News Cover
Lawrence Evelyn Hyde Wood Block Engravings
The Inn on the Park
Lake of the Woods Snowflake Jacket
Canadian Club Whisky Ad
Talivaldis Kenins Sonata Sheet Music
Beauceware Wall Cone
Lord Lansdowne Public School – Toronto, Ontario
Newfoundland Map
Casuals by Sisman Ad
E. Halpern Agency
The Story of Milk Insert
GMC Conventional & Tilt Cab Truck Brochure
Stampede Futurity Stakes Plate
Rally’Round Postcard
Owen Sound Souvenir Decal
Sault Ste. Marie Thunderbirds Logo
Desk Calendar Pads
“Power! Power! Power!” Viking Outboard Print Ad
Alumna Desk
Frugte Enameled Plate
“Beautiful” British Columbia Magazine Ad
Canada Christmas Seals Full Sheet
Ontario Brochure
Niagara Souvenir Booklet (Front and back covers)
Dept. of National Defense Plate
BC 1961 License Plate
Aunt Susan’s Tomatoes Label
Herta Canadian Wild Life Series
Four Seasons Hotels Logo
“This Land” Book Cover
Beauceware Deer
Evangeline Double Handle Vase
Table Hockey Game