Year  1957

Ontario Motor League Road Book
Prismasteel Line
Dining Chair
City Hall – Edmonton AB
TCA Inflight Guide 1957
Bill Reid Pendant
Three Caribou Stonecut
Canadian Coat of Arms Postcard
Canada Around the World Program
Canadian Art Winter 1957 No. 2
Canada Dry Letterhead
Canadair Sabre 6 Airplane
“My Fur Lady” Album Art
All Seasons Playground 5¢
Crown Striped Vase
Canadair Canada Air Force Plane Ad
Canadian Blue Ensign (both versions)
“Goldie” Golden Ale Print Ad
Pinched Bowl
Crown Vase
Model 503 TV Lamp Clock
Model 504 TV Lamp Clock
Model 505 TV Lamp Clock
Rambler Brochure
Ceramic Mug
Wall-Mounted Coat Rack