Year  1951

Humphrey Cruiser Bicycle (made by CCM)
Gyptex Texture Paint Brochure
Canadian National Exhibition Brochure
Spring-Back Chair (ply)
Fine Photographs of Indians Book
Airfoam Lounge Chair No.141
First External Cardiac Pacemaker
“Gaynor” Textile
Beauceware #271 Vase
Songs From Ireland Album Art
Royal Tour of Canada Souvenir Booklet
Dodge Mayfair Ad
Necco Canada Mints Ad
Concord Brights Canadian Port Label
Canadian Fish Recipes
Laurentien Pencil Crayons
Spring-Back Chair
Electric Cream Separators
Joseph Chew Edgewood Shingles Label
St. Regis Hotel Luggage Tag
20th Century Canada Book Cover
Sunfish Sailboat
Canada’s Fish Resources $1
Martyrs’ Shrine Decal