Year  1940

Banff Chair Lift Postcard
The One I Missed Postcard
Medalta Small Bean Pot
Bushmen and Sawmill Hands Wanted Sign
CNR Across Canada Guide
Ganong Old-Sol Chocolate Bar Wrapper
Beaver Brand Lobster Label
Hi-Point Brand Label
RCMP Drewrys Ale
Frink Snowplows Ad
White Pass & Yukon Route Luggage Tag
Doultons Improved Foot Warmer
Finesse Exquise Ads
Prime Minister Mackenzie King Travel Ad
Native Tribes of Canada Cover
The Windsor Luggage Decal
Player’s Navy Cut Cigarettes Package
Chic-N-Coop Placemat
The Arcosy Sheet Music
The Empress Hotel Luggage Decal
Queen’s Hotel Montreal Luggage Decal
Golden Bantam Corn
The Lions Gate Bridge Brochure
Windsor Hotel Luggage Decal
Gasoline License and Ration Coupon Book
Addison L2 Radio
Gingervating Print Ad
World War II Conservation Posters
For Constant Smoking Pleasure Print Ad
Beauceware #421 Fish Planters
K-42 Electric Kettle
Rummoli Game