Year  1930

Monarch Tricycle
Banner Stoves Catalogue No.9
Rene Cyr Bicycle Racing Champ
Greenfield Hawaiian Guitar
CCM Triangle Tricycle
The Gray Line Travel Brochures
The Clothesline Mamalilicoola
Baby Pablum
Bus Ride Sheet Music
PAL Double Edge Blade Package
Northern Electric Phone
Albert Memorial Bridge (detail) – Regina, Saskatchewan
White Pine Building Material Brochure
Willard’s Willow Chocolate Ad
F.B. Steacy Pin Tin
SunGlo Baking Powder Package
Massey Harris Tractor Binder Ad
Massey Harris Hay Makers Ad
Walker House Envelope & Letterhead
Hotel Georgia Luggage Decal
Venetian Hotel Souvenir Postcard
Red Prince Brand Salmon Label
Harry Horne Marshmellows Packaging
Outer Harbour, Victoria BC Postcard
The Empress Hotel Poster
Children’s Piggy Bank