Thrive Covid App
GCKC for trans, non-binary and gender creative youth
Federal Identity Site
The Well Drink Mixing App
Haida Emojis
Blackberry Key One Mobile Phone
Conservative Meme
Canadian Stock Images
The Cultural Centre Of The University Of Sherbrooke
Hudson’s Bay Company’s History Foundation
Transformation Mask
No Name Site
Viola Desmond Google Doodle
Canadian Ski Museum Identity (concept)
Steezle Shopping App
One and All Design Conference
POC Identity
Wilder Penfield Google Doodle
Alertlabs Smarter Water Sensor
Halifax Explosion Interactive
Gardenarium Game
Java Computer Language
Drake Game
JamStack Guitar Amp/App
Cuphead Video Game
BlackBerry Motion Smartphone
Smart Bandage
Spotify for Artists App
Modular Phone Prototype
Kinesix Sports Jacket
Interactive Dresses
Tim Hortons EHmoji Keyboard
The Anglekeeper Cover Art
The Bublcam
Chatelaine Chat Emojis
CrossCountry Canada Game