le Tricolore Canadien
Canada Maps and Guidebook
The Magi Design Stamp
Franklin Expedition Stamps
Expo 67 Parking Pictograms
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Royal Wedding $20 Coin
Captain Canuck $20 Coin
50th Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix Trophy
Pearson International Airport Environmental Graphics
Minimalist Alberta Flag
Made in Canada Mark
Never Forgotten War Memorial – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Canadian Flag
Personal Flag of the Princess Royal
Badge of the Parliament of Canada
New Budget Shoes
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Card
McCrae House Remembrance Day Memorial – Guelph, Ontario
Remembrance Day Poster
Canadian Pict-o-Bands
EU Canada Flags
Happy Birthday Canada Flag Cake
Province of Alberta Centennial flag
Great White North Poster
Order of Canada Pin
The Cenotaph – Regina, Saskatchewan
The White “Wild West” Hat
Formula One Grand Prix du Canada Trophy
Largest Canadian Flag – Vancouver, British Columbia
Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup (Original Stanley Cup)
Stanley “Presentation” Cup
Pearson Pennant Flag
Poppy Street Signs – Vancouver, British Columbia
Knit Poppy for Remembrance
Canadian Animal Series III
Constitutional Proclamation
RCMP Horse Mark