Let’s face it, when you’re starting to feel sick, it’s much easier to suck it up and go on about your busy day instead of taking time off work and trying to squeeze in a doctor’s appointment. Not to mention when you do try to go into a walk-in clinic or the emergency room, you’re more often than not going to spend hours waiting around hoping to see someone.

But despite how hard it is just to actually get a doctor’s appointment, in Quebec alone, there was more than 2.5 million cancelled appointments every year.

In order to fix this problem, DOCTR, a group of five ambitious entrepreneurs from Montreal, developed an app that connects new patients with medical appointments that have been left vacant by cancellations. This allows patients to make an appointment on demand, reducing wait time and unnecessary trips to the emergency room or walk-in clinics.

The free app, called DOCTR CHECK-IN, launched earlier this week as a pilot project in Montreal and has already had 2,000 downloads, says Quentin Gay, co-founder of DOCTR.

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